The New York Times Magazine features Family!

Check out the amazing piece the New York Times Magazine ran today about “Family!”

Teddy Thompson’s Folk-Rock Family Reunion

Richard Burbridge for The New York Times

One evening last fall, Teddy Thompson stepped onto the stage at the Purple Crayon, a cultural center in Hastings-on-Hudson, not far from New York City. The venue regularly attracts established pop-folk singers, the kind embraced by the public-radio-listening, Subaru-driving locals; Thompson loosely falls into that category, although he has the louche glamour of a heartbreaker, as well as the reputation (“I haven’t been invited on the Lilith tour,” he once dryly pointed out in an interview). Tall, fair, lean and British, he sang that night, with what one admiring critic has called his “keening tenor,” a series of songs about failed relationships in which Thompson, single at 38, was usually the bad actor: “I was born with a love disease/It’s known as chronic hard-to-please.”

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Folk Radio UK debuts “Family”

Folk Radio UK premiered the track “Family” today! To hear “Family” and see what they had to say about the track and new album, click here.

Teddy Thompson_Photo Credit Amanda Rowan_General_600x400

Of the new album, Teddy says:

“My therapist had a field day with it,” says Teddy. “He said, ‘wait a minute, you’re trying to get your family back together!’ And that’s exactly right. I’m six years old again, and I’m trying to put my family back together. It was very therapeutic, making the record.”

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