The New York Daily News Features “Family”

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Teddy Thompson, son of folk-rockers Richard and Linda Thompson, gathers the family for a smart and strange project

Thompson clan, performing at City Winery on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, has a highly personal new album, ‘Family,’ for which members wrote songs about one another


Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 4:16 PM
Teddy Thompson_Photo Credit Amanda Rowan_General_600x400
Teddy Thompson, who oversaw the new album “Family”

The ties that bind a family can also strangle them.

Ask the Thompsons.

The legendary musical clan — led by Richard and Linda Thompson, the lions of British folk-rock — has just had the fig leaf pulled off its family dynamics, thanks to the couploe’s talented son, Teddy.

On a highly unusual new musical project, titled “Family,” singer-songwriter Teddy Thompson corralled his parents, two sisters, brother-in-law and nephew, along with his dad’s son by another marriage. Not only do they appear on the album he produced, they also wrote songs about one another for it.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., all the participants, with the exception of mother Linda, will perform this revealing material at City Winery.

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The Guardian – Thompson Family Review

Thompson Family review – generations show their talent, while Linda looks on

Kings Place, London
Teddy and Kami Thompson did a remarkable thing getting their parents Richard and Linda to record together again. If only mum had got up from the audience to sing live

Thompson is not just a writer of fine songs but a diplomatic genius. It’s over 30 years since the very public break-up of Richard and Linda Thompson, once the finest folk duo in the country, but their son has encouraged a musical reconciliation. Six years ago he persuaded his parents to join him at a memorable Christmas benefit for Amnesty International, and last month saw the release of the Thompson Family album, produced by Teddy and including both Richard and Linda, along with Teddy’s brother Jack, sister Kami and her husband James Walbourne (aka the Rails), his brother Rob, and nephew Zak Hobbs.

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NPR’s All Things Considered Features “Family!”

Here is a link to the excellent NPR All Things Considered interview with Teddy and Richard that aired yesterday. Check out an excerpt below then click thru to NPR to read on. Enjoy!

Thompson Family’s Musical Sweater: ‘Smells Funny, Lot Of Personality’

In 1982, the beloved British folk duo Richard and Linda Thompson split up — both creatively and romantically.

Ever since, fans have longed for their reunion, including one fan in particular: their son, Teddy.

Teddy was just a boy back then. Now he’s 38, with a recording career of his own, and he’s brought together about a dozen musical members of the extended Thompson clan — including Richard and Linda, though they rarely appear in the same song — for a new album called “Family.”

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The Guardian (UK) Gives “Family” 4 Stars!

The Guardian (UK) gives “Family” 4 stars in their album review calling it “a musically fabulous and lyrically compelling album.”

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Thompson: Family review – a tender exploration of family dynamics

4/5 stars – Michael Hann


It’s hard not to view this collaborative album from the extended Thompson family through the eyes of the cod psychologist, given it how tortuous their family dynamic has been – Richard and Linda Thompson chronicled their disintegrating marriage on Shoot Out the Lights in 1982. The idea came from their son Teddy, who opens the album with the title track, which meditates on being the child of famous parents, stuck “betwixt and between/ Sean Lennon, you know what I mean”.


AP Gives Glowing Review to “Family”

Associated Press reviewed “Family” this week calling it a “fine family album” with “lots of good listening.”  Check out the review below or visit

Review: A fine family album from the Thompsons

Nov. 17, 2014 1:51 PM EST

Thompson, “Family” (Fantasy/Concord)

The dynamics of this supremely talented musical family range far beyond pianissimo and forte.

Teddy Thompson, who spearheaded the “Family” project, exaggerates only a tad when he describes his parents in the opening lyrics. “My father is one of the greats to ever step on the stage; My mother has the most beautiful voice in the world.”

Thing is, Richard and Linda Thompson split in 1982, when Teddy was 6. Both parents long ago remarried, but Teddy decided a family album would help with healing, even 32 years later.

And so we have a song contest that is confessional, collaborative and competitive. Teddy, his sister Kami, Richard and Linda contribute two compositions each, while Teddy’s brother Jack and nephew Zak Hobbs provide one apiece. Family members take turns pitching in with instrumental support and backing vocals via long-distance overdubs.

The result: lots of good listening and fodder for therapists. Richard and Teddy each perform a kiss-off song. Linda offers tender counsel to her male progeny. Teddy rates one sister as prettier than his other. Kami longs for solitude.

Toward the end, Richard serves up a non sequitur, “That’s Enough,” a protest song that rails against the one-percenters. Eight relatives sing backing vocals, and, at least musically, family harmony is finally achieved.