Thompson Family Gallery

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  1. I liked the photos very family orientated, I’m looking forward to buying the CD this coming week.

  2. Oh my gosh. Wounderful pixs! What a beautiful family : D

  3. Love the new family album – bravo! Can’t wait to see all of you in NYC in January. Driving down from the Boston/Providence area. See you then! (Have a happy holiday season).

  4. You seem like a great guy to have a drink and chat at a pub! Let’s do it the next time you are in Northern California, eh?!

  5. I would love to sit at a pub and chat with you! love ya, karen

  6. Back in seventies London, when my wife and I were students, we were outside a theatre before a Richard and Linda concert. We saw Linda, with a pushchair, talking with an older woman who was taking the child from her. We heard our favourite songbird say, “if you need me, come to the stage door and tell them you’re my Mum.”

    Across the years we have enjoyed concerts with Thompson and Peters, with Linda in her second trimester, with Teddy and Richard and many many iterations of the band – including RT’s ‘extended family’. Pete Zorn and Danny T are huge favourites.

    Now together for forty years, Richard has genuinely provided a soundtrack for our lives. Thanks.

    Looking forward to London, December ’14.

  7. Like all family albums, this lacks some captions….I don’t even know all the names of the members of family groups in MY family album…so who are all these folks?
    Great Idea though.

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