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  1. Bravo! We love all things Thompson!

  2. Lovely stuff from all. Many thanks for sharing. After these wonderful recordings would it be asking too much, Teddy, to help your mom make a record of her own? Her vocals are sublime.

  3. I’m your parents age, and have been one of the dedicated American RT& LTfans since – oh forever. Thank you so much for this album. I am officially obsessed with it. It has elements of everything I loved about both Richard and Linda AND it has introduced me to the second and third generation of your fortunate and apparently genetic talents. I was disappointed in the second generation Albions, but you all give me hope that this style of music which has fueled my passions these decades will continue and be treated as it should be.

  4. Teddy: step to the front of this musical group, you were born for it. I’m your parents’ age, but it’s you I’m watching out for. “Family” is rightfully first on the album.

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