A Note From Teddy

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Hello and welcome to our Family record. Thanks for coming. Thanks for buying! What we have for you here is an album of new songs by Thompsons written specifically for this project. It started with the idea of each of us recording two tracks and then we added my nephew Zak and my brother Jack each doing one. That got us to ten, which sounded about right.

I named myself producer and Lord of all that surrounds me and went to work adding other instruments and deleting lots of things I didn’t like. There’s nothing so satisfying as erasing your parents. So to speak.

One of the rules was that every instrument must be played by a family member, so all that you hear is us. Luckily, Kami married into a very musical family, so we got some amazing contributions from them and lots of other extendeds.

We hope you love it and that you work for Pepsi as head of advertising.



  1. Good god, this is a fantastic photo of you, Teddy, producer and Lord of all that surrounds you.

    You are very lucky with the musical talents and the good-looking famdamily. I mean.

    • a thrill! can’t wait. i remember you when you came with your dad to winnipeg folk festival. we played marco polo in the hotel pool with your sister too. but i think she had a different name then. you turned out so well!

  2. You are leaving hints and clues about a vinyl release on your Facebook page – a photo of the finished item, no less – but there is no mention of where it can be purchased.

  3. Very exciting project! The photos at great, but it would be nice to know who all these propel are. I do recognize a few of the old ones.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Teddy,
    Congratulations on the new Thompson Family album.
    It is terrific!
    Great concept, great execution, great producer.
    You voice is a singular, soaring, sensational instrument. You just keep getting better and better.
    My family and I were lucky enough to see you and your dad in Madison, WI in February. Great show!
    Take care.
    Best to you and all the Thompsons.


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